About Tyler:

Tyler Snodgrass is a comedian living in Chicago. Fueled by dark beers and frequent embarrassment, he tells the hilarious and true stories from his life, often inspired by his family and Ozarks roots. Tyler combines vulnerability and silliness in a way that makes his stories as funny as they are true. Tyler co-created and produces the comedic storytelling show and podcast, We Still Like You, which is based in Chicago, has a chapters in Los Angeles, Denver, and Louisville, and has appeared in festivals, theaters, and apartments all over the country. Tyler has performed in The New York Comedy Festival, The Cinderblock Comedy Festival, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, and more. He writes for The Whiskey Journal and the Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Mystery Hour. He has a good heart and an OK face.

Compelling and fun to watch
— The Chicago Tribune
[H]is religious background and upbringing in the Ozarks made for some hilarious takes on religion and life in the Bible Belt...Snodgrass is immediately likable
— Third Coast Review

Here's another picture of his OK face:

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