Tyler Snodgrass co-created and hosts WE STILL LIKE YOU, Chicago's most fun and most shameful storytelling show. We Still Like You is a show all about celebrating and conquering shame at the same time. Featuring the best comedians and storytellers from around the country, We Still Like You is full of the most vulnerable, honest, hilarious, shameful, and cringe-worthy stories you'll ever hear. And no matter what, after each story the audience has to exclaim "WE STILL LIKE YOU!" Have you ever done something that made you feel weird or bad? Ever feel like you need forgiveness? Are you a shit head? Perfect. You'll fit right in.

Every show includes audience Q&A's, live art drawn of each story, shots of the worst liquor we can find (our monthly "Shot of Shame"), free beer, and unique promotional art to take home. Every show is different and not to be missed.

We Still Like You is also a PODCAST, which features select stories from previous live shows. It is free and can be found on iTunes.

We Still Like You takes place every first Saturday in Chicago at the Flatiron Building, in the Flatiron Comedy Theater, at 10pm. WSLY is produced by Tyler Snodgrass, Dan Sheehan, Danii Gallegos, J. Michael Osborne, and Shannon Noll. The WSLY Podcast is produced by Jesse Betend; sound engineered by Sam Haas.

We Still Like You now has a Los Angeles chapter as well, produced by Andy Sell and Evan Wood. It takes place at a secret house location every first Saturday of the month.

‘We Still Like You’ is a rowdy, infectious good time.
— The Chicago Tribune
consistently funny and punk rock as hell
— The Guardian
features comedians telling mortifying stories from their past that still make them want to crawl into a hole and die.
— Splitsider
...a show that could be the most fun (and drinks) you’ve ever had at an intervention.
— River Front Times' "Best Standup Comedy Shows of 2014"


How long has We Still Like You been around?
Our first show was in an apartment in Uptown Chicago in February 2014.

Wait, this is a house show?
WSLY started as a house show; we were in apartments, houses, and backyards for our first two years. Now the Chicago shows take place in Flatiron Comedy in Wicker Park Chicago (more available seating, and we can actually publicly promote the show). Some shows still take place in secret backyard locations. The LA show is in a super cool house in Hollywood.

How do I find out about these shows?
Find We Still Like You on Facebook, or send a message to westilllikeyou@gmail.com

Can I submit a story to be on the show?
YES! We LOVE submissions. Send us your shameful stories to westilllikeyou@gmail.com (we still like you [at] gmail [dot] com). To be considered, please follow these guidelines:

  • Write (or copy/paste) your story into the email message. Do NOT send us a link to a blog or a document to download.
  • Each WSLY story is around 6-8 minutes long, so please send a written story that is just a few paragraphs long.
  • Include a paragraph explaining why this story is shameful to you. No humblebrags, please.
  • If you're going to send a story about pooping, make sure it is REALLY good (we just get a LOT of poop stories, is all).
  • No need to send a headshot or clip. If we like your story we'll try to reach out within a couple months.

Do you guys have merch?
You bet! You can acquire it at any Chicago live show. We also have a rotating selection of posters, designed by wonderful artists from around the country.

Does We Still Like You ever go on the road?
Yes! Outside of Chicago and LA we've been to New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Portland OR, Phoenix AZ, St. Louis, Kansas City MO, Orlando, Lawrence KS, Iowa City, Springfield MO, and a bunch of other cool places. We've been in Hell Yes Fest, The Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, The Green Gravel Comedy Festival, The Floodwater Comedy Festival, and Bird City Comedy Festival. If you'd like to have us in your town, email us at westilllikeyou@gmail.com.

Anything else?
Probably! If I think of it, I'll be sure to put it here.