I draw show posters, portraits, and cartoons, too. Check out my samples and projects below!

My work has been featured on @Midnight, The Skidmark Zine, Cozy's Big Day (Zine), and more. To be consistently updated on what I'm drawing, follow me on Twitter (@TylerSnod) or like me on Facebook (Facebook.com/snodgrasscomic). If you'd like to commission something or have me design something for you, email me at SnodgrassComic@gmail.com. I'm very easy to work with.

Comedy Show Posters

One of my favorite things is to design show posters. Below are some of my favorite posters for some of my favorite comedy shows.

Lizard Presidents

A project I started and is still on-going. I've drawn around 35 of the US Presidents as the Lizard People they secretly are, and will eventually get to them all. Below are a few of my favorites.

Political Cartoons

I've drawn a lot of political cartoons. Most of them aren't very good or aren't very evergreen. Here are some of the ones I like the most.

Cartoons About Me

Sometimes I draw myself, which is very arrogant. See the arrogance below.

Illustrated Videos

I was asked to illustrate some of Chicago Comedian Danny Kallas' jokes from the Comedians You Should Know album. The whole album is available on iTunes, and the video is available below!

Mitch McConnell: Literal Monster

A five-part series I drew, inspired by Mitch McConnell trying to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. Senator McConnell has yet to comment on the portraits, even though I asked him on twitter.

Other Drawings/Commissions

This is a collection of random illustrations or logos for Podcasts (We Still Like You, Brice and Mat Play That), Zines, T-shirts (Comedian Zach Peterson), other places (@Midnight), and for fun.