Here are some standup clips and writing samples. 

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This parody concert and sketch show was conceived by me, and written by myself and Nicky Martin. The show also features original sketches from The Shrimp Boys, Cameron Gillette, and Megan Stalter, plus an original song by Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday Night (aka The Snow Birds, aka Lily and Charlie). NSFW, but very fun!!

"I Hold On" Music Video
I play a small role in this great music video for country music star Dierks Bentley.  Starring Evan Brace, if you don't blink much, you'll catch me and some of my other pals playing in Evan's character's band.

Here's an article in which Buzzfeed roasted me and featured one of my tweets simultaneously: 23 Tweets That'll Make You Chuckle Softly To Yourself. 

Check me out on the STAND BY YOUR BAND Podcast (with Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara)!