Here are some standup clips and writing samples. 

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"I Hold On" Music Video
I play a small role in this great music video for country music star Dierks Bentley.  Starring Evan Brace, if you don't blink much, you'll catch me and some of my other pals playing in Evan's character's band.


"How To Draw Republicans" an informative essay on how to successfully cartoon the GOP.

"1984 in 2017" an essay read live at The Paper Machete in Chicago

"Ted Cruz and John Kasich Team Up To Stop Trump" an essay read at The Paper Machete in Chicago

"Siri Learned Russian...And Homophobia" an essay read at The Paper Machete in Chicago

The Whiskey Journal

"Ted Cruz To Abort Just This One Tiny Thing" [The Whiskey Journal]

"The Top 5 Times I Saw ‘Face/Off’ On TV In 2015" [The Whiskey Journal]

"I Can’t Tell Anyone About My Tapeworm And It’s Eating Me Up Inside" [The Whiskey Journal]

"I'm Saving Butt Stuff For Marriage" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Newly Broken Up Couple Begins Passive Aggressive Whose-Life-Is-More-Fun Instagram Battle" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Local Man Flees Country After Two Exes Become Friends" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Local Woman Believes In Crystals But Not Herself" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Local Dog Knows It Is He Who Is A Good Boy" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Newly Discovered Rough Drafts Of Hemingway’s Famous Six-Word Story" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Woman Not Thrilled To Be Compared To A Brick House" [The Whiskey Journal]

"One-Year-Old Has No Idea He’s Having A Birthday" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Couple Mistakes Crippling Codependency For True Love" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Roommate’s Passive Aggressive Note Sure To Solve Dishes Conflict" [The Whiskey Journal]

"Man Alone At Party Pretending To Read Texts Not Fooling Anyone" [The Whiskey Journal]


Here are some jokes I wrote for Better Book Titles.

Here's an article in which Buzzfeed roasted me and featured one of my tweets simultaneously: 23 Tweets That'll Make You Chuckle Softly To Yourself.