Hello! This is a post to update you about what's going on with We Still Like You, Chicago's funniest storytelling show. I (Tyler) am one of the creators and producers of the show. We just celebrated our three-year anniversary and our other producers (Dan Sheehan, Danii Gallegos, Shannon Noll, J. Michael Osborne, and Jesse Betend, who also produces the podcast) have tried to make sure that as many people are able to celebrate SHAME as possible. We're doing our best to reach you, and help you reach out in the following ways:

1. We have a PODCAST (and it's really good, no lie), which you can easily find on iTunes and also Youtube. Each episode takes some of the best stories from various live shows from around the country and over the years, and puts them into one thematic piece. Subscribe on iTunes HERE.

2. We have more chapters! For over a year now we've had a wonderful Los Angeles chapter of We Still Like You. And We now also have wonderful chapters of our show in Denver and Louisville. Find out more by visiting the WE STILL LIKE YOU FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

3. You can submit to be ON We Still Like You through THIS HANDY WEBSITE. We accept and review submissions on a rolling basis and use submissions in every Chicago show we book. If you'd like to get in contact with one of the other WSLY Chapters, or the podcast, email us at WeStillLikeYou@Gmail.com.

Ben Kronberg dropping in to do a set at a WSLY apartment show.

Ben Kronberg dropping in to do a set at a WSLY apartment show.

Thanks for keeping up with We Still Like You and helping us share empathy and shame even the most scummy scumbags through the power of comedy. More updates to come. Until then, come to a live show in a city near you, or check our Facebook page to see when we are traveling or performing at festivals. Our next Chicago show will be April 1st.