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Tyler Snodgrass Does An Hour of Sincere Comedy

Chicago Comedian and Gentle Boy, Tyler Snodgrass will be performing his first hour of comedy at The Crowd Theater in Buena Park on Tuesday, November 1st at 8pm.

Tyler, who runs the famously-earnest Chicago storytelling comedy show We Still Like You, will be telling heartfelt jokes and vulnerable stories, featuring special apperances from true friends and a genuine banjo. He is being seriously no-nonsense about cramming as much authentic nonsense into an hour as possible.

Also performing on this show are two incredible comedians: Dan Sheehan(hosting) of We Still Like You and the Skelly Wars, and Steven King(featuring) of STEEZUS and changing the game forever. The cost of the show is $5. The ticket price is worth it for those two acts alone.

This is not a recording, this is not an album, this is not happening again. Honestly. This is the ONLY time this show is happening, because no one even asked for it the first time, so don't miss it.

This show will be from the heart, so come to laugh, and maybe cringe a little. I'm sorry this was written in third person up until now.